About the studio

The Suzuki Violin Studio is a Falmouth-based community made up of individuals and families with a passion for music and for learning to play the violin. The Suzuki approach to music makes learning fun as it allows for each student to experience individual success playing an instrument and is positively reinforced with group camaraderie.  Suzuki education helps create a love of music and learning.  It is based on the principle that the best way for a child to learn to play a musical instrument is to reproduce the conditions that enable children to learn to speak their language. This “mother tongue” approach is amazing, allowing the music to just spill out of the musician naturally. Students in the Suzuki Violin Studio come from as far as Norway (Maine) and Bowdoin, and are between the ages of 5–55. We are very excited to be here today and hope you enjoy the music.

Terry formed the Suzuki Violin Studio in 1992 and has been constantly amazed at how far it is able to reach into the hearts and minds of her students and their families. Terry has been drawn to music since childhood, when her best friend‘s mom put the names of notes on the keys of their piano, and marked the music with the same. She earned her bachelors in music education and violin from Ithaca College in 1978, and continues to be connected to the Finger Lakes region and the musicians she worked with there. Terry discovered the Suzuki method when she was at Ithaca College. Her pedagogy teacher was Sandy Reuning, one of the first to bring Suzuki to America. After graduating from Ithaca College, Terry moved to Maine in 1979 to play with the Portland Symphony Orchestra and work with the Portland String Quartet. She raised her son Nick here, and as fate would have it he is now settling in on a farm in the Finger Lakes, where it all started. With a wide range of experience, from chamber music to pop to ballet, Terry had seen it all, and is very happy to slow down a bit and focus on her students.